Going to Varanasi from Delhi? Here's how to travel and things to do

Immerse in the mystical land of art, culture, history and spirituality in the holy town of Banaras. Learn the different modes of travel between Delhi and Varanasi for a family vacation.

Going to Varanasi from Delhi? Here's how to travel and things to do Pic courtesy: Pixabay

Planning a trip with your entire family? Then you can stop wondering and start booking because the city of ghats, Varanasi is the best family destination easily accessible by rail, road or flight.

One of the holy cities on Earth is Varanasi. You get a magnificent religious experience thanks to the abundance of temples and the natural beauty of the Ganga ghat. There are many routes you can use to get to this city if you're coming from Delhi. Let's explore various travel options in this article for travelling to Varanasi from Delhi.

If you travel by flight

From Delhi to Varanasi, there are multiple flights available every day and  Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is the closest airport (VNS). The flight from Delhi to Varanasi lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. You can easily browse the website of any airline or find the best offers from online travel agencies to book your trip from Delhi to Varanasi.

Total distance: 803 km approximately

Estimated time: One hour and twenty minutes

Average cost: Rs. 2330/- per person(one-way)

If you travel by train

Train service is available from Delhi to Varanasi. Six daily trains and 26 weekly trains run from New Delhi to Varanasi. As per the IRCTC website, The SWATANTRTA S EXP is the fastest train (12562) between Delhi and Varanasi. The train journey from Delhi to Varanasi could take anywhere between 11 to 17 hours. Visit the IRCTC website to check the most recent timetables for the latest train schedules.

Total distance: 752 km approximately

Estimated time: 11h 24m to 17 hours

Average cost: Rs. 415 per person (one-way)

If you travel by bus

Varanasi and New Delhi are connected by bus directly. The entire travel duration for this journey is approximately 18 hours. Bus travel, however, in general opinion is not only stressful but also expensive.

Total distance: 793 km approximately

Estimated time: 18 hours

Average cost: Rs. 950 per person (one-way)

If you travel by car

Multiple road routes can be taken from Delhi to Varanasi with the distance between the two cities being approximately 821-877 KM, which varies as per the route you end up taking. The national highways 19 and 30 are the preferred route by most travellers as both these highways pass through beautiful cities like Agra, Vrindavan, Bareilly, and Lucknow among others.

Total distance: 799 km

Estimated time: 13 hr 4 minutes

Average cost: Rs. 7500- 1100/- approximately

Things to do when in Varanasi

The Kashi Vishwanath Temple, a significant landmark, Dashashwamed Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat, the Buddhist stupas and monasteries at Sarnath, and Dhamek Stupa are some of the must-see locations in Varanasi. Another fascinating site to visit is the old Ramnagar Fort, which has a museum and an armoury.

Do's and Don'ts

- Tourists must dress appropriately when visiting temples and other religious places.

- Avoid fully immersing yourself in the Ganges, primarily for hygienic reasons and occasionally because the currents can be too strong.

- Avoid exploring while the sun is at its fiercest if you're travelling during summer.

- Be prepared to walk so wear comfortable shoes because the majority of the old town's streets are congested and difficult for cars to navigate.

- Keep loose cash on hand because many traditional stores still only accept cash and may not accept cards or e-wallets.

The vibe of the city seems to be defined by deep, divine energy, which is mesmerizing to witness.

(Disclaimer: This information is based on general information and does not substitute a travel agent's advice. Zee News does not confirm this)

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