Nawaz Sharif flies from luxury apartment, lands in jail without bed and AC

Sharif's legal team has reportedly claimed that the former Pakistani PM has a mattress for a bed and a washroom that is in absolute shambles.

Nawaz Sharif flies from luxury apartment, lands in jail without bed and AC
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Life turned completely upside down for Nawaz Sharif in less than 24 hours. On Friday, he left his residence in one of the most posh localities in London and ended the day in small cell in a Rawalpandi - without any of the creature comforts a man of his stature must have enjoyed.

No AC. No bed. And a washroom reportedly in absolutely pathetic condition.

These details were revealed by the legal team of the former Pakistan prime minister who - along with daughter Mariyam - have been convicted and imprisoned in a case related to possessing assets disappropriate to their known source of income - especially the property in London's Avenfield House.

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While Sharif is entitled to 'B Class' category as per Pakistani laws - something that would enable him to get a bed, a 21-inch television, table, chair and books inside prison, it is being reported that he was not even given a newspaper to read on Day 1.

Daughter Maryam too has been provided 'B Class' category which is usually for parliamentarians or people who can prove they have paid Pakistani Rs 600,000 as annual income tax. Both Sharif and Maryam have decided to appeal against their convictions but their lawyers were unable to file it before court hours ended Friday.

The Sharifs continue to maintain that the charges against them are false and have been targeted by their political opponents ahead of elections this month and, possibly, by the all-powerful Pakistani military.

Meanwhile, PML-N supporters have staged protests in several Pakistani cities to show their anger against the judgement.

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