Nawaz Sharif

Al Qaeda founder Osama bin-Laden funded Nawaz Sharif government in Pakistan, claims PTI leader Farrukh Habib

The PTI leader Farrukh Habib claimed that PML-N and the Pakistan Peoples Party had failed to provide the details of their donors.  Habib also slammed the Islamic outfit Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl and alleged that its chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman also received funds from Libya and Iraq.

Feb 09, 2021, 07:50 AM IST

PM Narendra Modi offers condolences to Nawaz Sharif on his mother's death

PM Narendra Modi wrote a letter to former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

Dec 18, 2020, 02:00 AM IST

VIDEO: Imran Khan in awe from public crowd!

Imran Khan government's countdown starts?

Nov 22, 2020, 17:48 PM IST

We did not achieve anything from Kargil war: Former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has pinned responsibility on "certain Generals" in the Pakistani Army for dragging the country into Kargil war with India.

Oct 25, 2020, 19:55 PM IST

VIDEO: If you speak against Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, you will go to jail?

Son-in-law of former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, has been arrested by the Karachi police. Nawaz Sharif's daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif tweeted this information.

Oct 19, 2020, 14:36 PM IST

After Maryam Nawaz's fiery speech against Pakistan PM Imran Khan, her husband Safdar arrested

Maryam Nawaz, daughter of former Pakistan prime minister Nawaz Sharif, on Monday (October 19) tweeted that her husband Captain Safdar Awan has been arrested by Karachi police.

Oct 19, 2020, 09:03 AM IST

PM Imran Khan's days are numbered, says Nawaz Sharif at Pakistan opposition rally

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is facing a serious outburst from the opposition parties, who have now joined together and launched an anti-government campaign, aimed at toppling the ruling government.

Oct 17, 2020, 17:18 PM IST

PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif, younger brother of Nawaz Sharif, arrested in money laundering case

PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif was arrested on Monday after the Lahore High Court rejected his bail plea in a Rs 7 billion (USD 41.9 million) money laundering case.

Sep 28, 2020, 19:26 PM IST

Nawaz Sharif makes political comeback; says Pakistan Army is a 'state above state'

Addressing the All-Parties Conference (APC) hosted by the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) via a video link aimed at launching a protest movement against the Khan-led Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government, the three-time premier launched a scathing attack on the ruling party for its failure to address the basic problems of the people.

Sep 20, 2020, 18:47 PM IST

Pakistan court gives 'last chance' to former PM Nawaz Sharif to surrender before September 10

A Pakistani court on Tuesday gave a "last chance" to former prime minister Nawaz Sharif to surrender and appear before it on September 10 for hearing in a corruption case against him, according to media reports. Sharif, 70, has been in London since November last year after the Lahore High Court granted him permission to go abroad for four weeks for treating a heart disease and an immune system disorder. The three-time premier was sentenced to seven years in the Al-Azizia Steel Mills case.

Sep 01, 2020, 23:05 PM IST

Pakistan declares Nawaz Sharif as absconder, approaches UK for extradition

Adviser to the Prime Minster on Accountability and Interior Shahzad Akbar said that Sharif's four-week bail on medical grounds expired in December last year.

Aug 23, 2020, 18:40 PM IST

Arrest warrant issued against Nawaz Sharif in land case

A Pakistani anti-graft body on Sunday issued an arrest warrant against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in a land related corruption case.

Apr 27, 2020, 00:14 AM IST

Deshhit: Watch nations top news in detail, January 14, 2020

This segment of Zee News brings detailed news stories of the day. Watch this video to know the top stories of January 14, 2020.

Jan 14, 2020, 22:16 PM IST

Nawaz Sharif to undergo cardiac procedure

A source at the Royal Brompton Hospital, London told The News International that cardiologists have informed Sharif that he must be admitted for the procedure.

Jan 04, 2020, 09:00 AM IST

Ex-PM Nawaz Sharif leaves Pakistan for medical treatment in London

Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif, 69, was accompanied by his younger brother and personal physician, leaders of his Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) Party said.

Nov 19, 2019, 18:50 PM IST

Convicted former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif leaves country for medical treatment in London

Despite the convictions for corruption, Sharif remains popular among many people in Pakistan, and his health has dominated newspaper front pages and TV channels in recent weeks. "Thank God that he has left for the medical treatment he needs urgently," the party`s parliamentarian Ahsan Iqbal said.

Nov 19, 2019, 13:16 PM IST

Nawaz Sharif to travel to London on Tuesday: PML-N

In a statement, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz spokesperson Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the process of administering a high dose of steroids to Sharif was underway so that his platelet count could be brought to a suitable level for travel.

Nov 17, 2019, 14:02 PM IST

Nawaz Sharif to fly to London for further treatment on Monday

Sharing details of the confirmation of Sharif`s travel, sources told Geo News on Saturday that the former prime minister`s air ticket has been confirmed.

Nov 10, 2019, 07:58 AM IST

Nawaz Sharif being given Polonium to die slow death like Yasser Arafat, claims Altaf Hussain

"Lower platelets count in Nawaz Sharif`s body! A known fact is that `Polonium` (a radioactive element) is used to eliminate enemies. It acts as a slow poison and destroys platelets. The only specialised radioactive laboratory can verify it. The international laboratory must examine it," Hussain first tweeted on November 2.

Nov 06, 2019, 23:30 PM IST

Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif suffers heart attack: Report

According to Geo News, the former Prime Minister's health had deteriorated since he was rushed to Services Hospital earlier this week with critically low platelet count in his blood.

Oct 26, 2019, 16:06 PM IST