Wife smashes husband's Audi after catching him with mistress

What was the car's fault, many concerned netizens ask.

Wife smashes husband's Audi after catching him with mistress

She was a black beauty, commanding respect on the road and gleaming under the sparkling sun. Once her owner's wife had had her way, though, a shattered windshield and numerous dents punctured the aura of the imposing Audi A8.

A video of a woman on top of the bonnet of the car quickly went viral on Chinese social media sites. In it, the woman is seen landing blows with what appears to be a small hammer. Even as bystanders and fellow motorists gape in disbelief, the driver keeps the car rolling at a low speed before eventually coming to a halt. A man - later identified as the woman's husband  - emerged from the car and was almost immediately lunged upon.

So, what caused all the emotion and commotion?

Local media reports suggested that the woman accused the man of cheating on her and that a second woman in the passenger seat was accused to be her mistress. The wife even implored people in the crowd that had gathered by now to step in and help her 'punish' her husband and his mistress inside the car. As if things were not already bad, the wife soon proceeded to pull out the woman from inside the car - tightly gripping a clump of her hair.

While the husband, many locals and even police officials tried to separate the women, it took quite an effort to calm the wife and bring order to the situation. It is reported that the couple was taken to a local station and were counselled. As for the battered car, there was no update on it at the time of filing this report.