'Churail on the wall' When a 'bewitched' Pakistani star triggered social media frenzy

Pakistani singer Faakhir Mehmood posted this pic on his FB page. 

'Churail on the wall' When a 'bewitched' Pakistani star triggered social media frenzy

Islamabad: Popular Pakistani singer Faakhir Mehmood triggered a social media storm when he posted a picture of a 'churail' (witch) sitting on a wall, supposedly in the Pakistani city of Hyderabad.

Mehmood wrote on Facebook, “Can someone verify? The supposed picture of CHURAIL captured by many people in the middle of the night in Hyderabad.”

And within hours, the 'churail on the wall' became a social media sensation in Pakistan and elsewhere.

With over 1800 comments and 869 shares, the post went viral. And netizens had a gala time dissecting the incident.

Sample this:

“Either its a modern churail that poses and comes in cameras or someone in trouble just sitting there while these people take pics.”

“It's nothing it's just a teenager who's life is ruined by makeup. How because she used to put so much makeup that one day she put to much eye liner and mascarre that did not come of so she ran away and came and sat on a roof.”

“Jab husband shopping nahi karwae ga toh biwi churail he ban jaey ghe...”
“If it is a witch than how these people are standing in front of her in a very calm & easy mood?”

While people, in general, may have had a enjoyed discussing the topic, the incident also highlights the dangers of social media and the need to act responsibly – celebs should be even more careful.

Pakistan's mainstream media also latched onto the story.
A report in Geo News suggested that the picture was from Morroco and that it was a doll that was put up by someone to scare thieves who prowl in the night.

*Next time you get a WhatsApp forward or see a Facebook post - first verify and then believe!