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Ajeet Kumar

Leads the business and technology team at

Ajith Vijay Kumar

Ajith Vijay Kumar: Looks after national and world affairs, education and viral content for Decoding “what works on the web” is his lifelong passion.

Ayushi Kakkar

Ayushi Kakkar is a young, vibrant soul. She believes in living a zestful life where thoughts know no barrier.

Biplob Ghosal

Biplob Ghosal: Being a news enthusiast, he has a keen interest in news related to politics and cricket.

Gayatri Sankar

A proud vegetarian and an animal lover - Gayatri Sankar is a writer by day and a spiritual seeker otherwise.

Irengbam Jenny

Irengbam Jenny is a happy go lucky person. She has a keen interest in health-related topics and is proud to be a Manipuri.

Kamna Arora

Kamna Arora: Holds a master’s degree in International Relations from the Griffith University.

Raghav Jaitly

A ridiculously hopeless Bollywood lover- Raghav Jaitly is popular for his out-of-place PJs and clichéd sense of humour.

Rd. Alexander

A journalist with eight years of experience, interested in creating tech content. Loves sports too. A silent observer, mood-driven creature of God..

Reema Sharma

After her graduation in philosophy and masters in mass communication, she waded into the field of journalism. Over the years, business has become her cup of tea.

Ritesh K Srivastava

A bilingual journalist with a deep interest in Indian and international politics and current affairs.

Ritika Handoo

Proud Kashmiri. Bollywood buff. Fashion freak - Ritika Handoo adores the world of glamour.

Sahil Bakshi

A new-aged sports writer/online journalist with technical flair in writing with specialization in football and cricket.

Salome Phelamei

 A health freak herself, Salome Phelamei loves writing about wellness, parenting tips and keeps track of space and other scientific breakthroughs.

Sanjeeb Baruah

Sanjeeb Baruah: Came into journalism by accident in 2001. Geopolitics, environment and wildlife are his favourite subjects.

Suyash Srivastava

A sports fanatic. Currently heading a team of passionate writers for

Udita Madan

Udita Madan is an avid reader and harbours a passion to write.