The 'fugitive' Indian tycoon

Strange, isn't it? There are selected number of people in our country who enjoy wealth like an average class enjoys food at home.

Wish I had that much of money (only through good means) in my bank account and I would have been putting up at a posh locality in the most elegant manner.

But no, I am the one who works hard for a handful of amount and witnesses a spine-chilling moment while filing my tax returns.

I am an average Indian who strictly stands by the phrase 'honesty is the best policy' but for others, it is merely a 'butt of a joke'.

People like Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Subrata Roy and not to forget the self-proclaimed godmen have made a mockery of the Indian system.

Is this a country filled with fools and if it isn't, then why are we letting such things happen?

The curious case of fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya is a thing that has left millions of people in a fix, including me.

Everytime he is arrested, getting bail is just a matter of time for him as it is so swiftly granted leaving us in thoughts that how does it happen.

Trust me, it takes more time for a dish to get ready in an Indian household.

Does it actually take such less time to get out on bail if you are arrested? Well, in that case, all of us have a second career option available.

He had been named 'King of Good Times', I call him a dacoit, for reasons known to almost all.

Mallya’s biggest indulgence, Kingfisher Airlines, never made money but he refused to let go, leaving people in despair.

Fleeing without paying more than 9,000 crore rupees to banks in India,Vijay Mallya has fooled all the Indians, especially Kingfisher airlines staff.

Isn't this man just like an 'Indian Baba' who fools people bringing in between religious sentiments.

A person who once reigned over India’s biggest alcoholic beverage companies, its most popular airline and was a frequent face in all parties is hiding in London for committing what I call a 'crime'.

People used to wait for hours to see him and nothing much has changed as people still want to see him but for all the negative reasons.

The flamboyant man, as he was thought to be, does not think he has done anything wrong as he calls his India exodus as forced exile, would have never thought that he would be called a thief which actually happened when the blatant person walked into the Oval to enjoy a cricket match.

No one is forcing us to become a BJP loyalist and chant 'Modi Modi' but Prime Minister's 'good governance' promise is reflecting in at least this case as the business tycoon has been held accountable for what he has done.

A question that comes to my mind at this time is that why didn't this thing happen before 2014, when Congress government was in power.

All the acquisitions that he has been charged for were ceaselessly carried out during reign of Congress government making it clear that politicians were benefitted from all the ill deeds he carried out and most of them were party to it.

His businesses still exist in and around the country which gives him a push to be positive and move on.  

Considering India's success rate at extradition, which has been no more than 36 per cent over 15 years, it is difficult to bring back the culprit.

But I hope to see him behind bars soon so that justice is delivered to at least those who suffered misery.

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