We are virtually married to a world that doesn’t exist

Updated: Nov 10, 2017, 08:56 AM IST

Apart from Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan, mobile phone, gadgets and social media have become essentials. We can’t really imagine even a day without them. And these gadgets have almost made us immobile – mentally, physically and otherwise!

Our world revolves around these instruments that have made an alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, torch, radio, books and a number of other utility items more or less jobless! We have also reduced human emotions to Facebook updates /Whatsapp statuses and isolated ourselves from the world that exists to seek life in virtual space that doesn’t.

Technological evolution has made life easier in more ways than one most definitely, but how often have we restricted its use? We often feel the NEED to have our mobile phone 24 X7. We are so obsessed with it that we tend to keep it underneath our pillow while sleeping, neglecting the fact that it could be extremely harmful to our wellbeing.

How often do we take the pain to travel to meet friends in person? Haven’t we made more friends on Facebook than in real? Or how often do we spare time for ourselves or our family sans a phone?

Thanks to these hi-tech inventions, living has indeed become hassle-free but in the bargain, we have succumbed to the pressures of keeping up with a mechanical lifestyle.

A ‘like’ on a Facebook post has replaced genuine appreciation; WhatsApp chats have taken over one-on-one conversations, so on and so forth.

We have become nothing short of a puppet in the hands of a culture that only aims at making earth robotic. And we aren’t really complaining – are we?

No, we aren’t, at all. In fact, here’s what we do:

1)   Check-in on Facebook to inform everyone on our friends list about our flight!

Well, do people really care? But we gotta keep them updated, no?

2)   Having dinner @blah blah blah.... with so and so...

What on earth makes us do this? Isn’t spending time with the friend more precious and important than updating Facebook status?

3)   'Feeling sad', 'feeling joyful', 'feeling crazy' etc.

Isn’t it super silly? Are our emotions meant for public consumption?

4)   Changing display pics way too often. Here come the selfies and the pouting. Well, we maybe accumulating ‘Likes’ but in turn, we are displaying nothing but self-obsession.

5)   Single, Committed, It’s complicated, Engaged, Married, Divorced – Wow, it’s so much fun to be like an open book, where everyone knows your relationship status! Privacy – What is it?

It’s not just about Facebook but social media as a whole. Keeping Facebook, Twitter posts, Instagram updated is the new way of life and dong it religiously is the new normal.

Man is no longer a social animal but a social media ‘beast’ and we have turned ourselves into a laughing stock.

Check out this joke (ironically popular on social media) that mirrors the way our thoughts have downgraded –

I almost forgot to update my status that I’d been to the gym. What a waste of a workout that would have been! -(Unknown source)

And this one reflects the beauty of those times when there was no social networking -

When I was a kid, my social network was called "outside".

Well, we may be single or committed to someone in life, but we are certainly ‘married’ to a world that doesn’t really exist and it is indeed complicated!

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