Why Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover need to get back

Updated: Nov 10, 2017, 16:06 PM IST

A lot has been spoken and written about Kapil Sharma - Sunil Grover’s fight while they were on board a flight in March this year. Ever since the two friends parted ways, fans of the two have been eagerly waiting to see them back together.

Owing to the infamous spat, their fans have suffered a huge loss – yes, Kapil - Sunil admirers have been denied the right to laugh at their cute jokes and unparalleled comic timing/chemistry.

According to reports, Kapil, who was then in an inebriated state, had uttered unpleasant words about Sunil. Aisa kaun jhagda kerta hai bhai?

But what exactly transpired on that ill-fated day is something only the two can tell. What we hear is probably grapevine. So it wouldn’t be fair to hold either Sunil or Kapil entirely responsible. And even if only one of them was completely at fault, we can only hope that something nasty as this never happens again.

Soon after the ugly spat that made headlines and rocked the world of television, Kapil took to Twitter to apologise to Sunil but the latter chose to keep a safe distance.

Whether or not to excuse Kapil and accept the olive branch extended by the star comedian, is Sunil’s prerogative. However, as fans, we can still hope to see their bromance blossom once again.

Sunil quit The Kapil Sharma Show and decided to never return. But we are sure, Kapil will be happy to sing his dear friend’s signature song - Aap aaye hain is bagiya mein...phool khile hain gulshan gulshan – to express his ecstasy if ever Sunil decides to make a comeback.

Initially, as the adorable Gutthi and subsequently as naughty Rinku Bhabhi, Sunil effortlessly displayed his versatility. By essaying these characters, Sunil infused life into them and made us believe they exist in reality. His expressions, body-language, wit, candidness, spontaneity and dialogue delivery are incomparable. And how can we forget Dr Mashoor Gulati?

As fans, we have been deprived of entertainment in its most childlike form. If Kapil Sharma is the reigning King of comedy, Sunil Grover is no less a monarch.

Individually, both are terrific comedians and when brought together, they make a lethal combination. When they explode, the audience witnesses laughter all around. Sadly, ever since they moved apart, fans just got the babajee ka thullu.

As a fan of their comical pairing, I feel their reconciliation is the need of the hour. Indian TV viewers, who love slapstick and clean humour, would love to see them as a cohesive unit once again.

If Kapil could show magnanimity by embracing Sunil even after he had quit Comedy Nights with Kapil midway for another show, the latter could return the favour by mending fences now.

And we are sure, Ali Asgar, Kiku Sharda and Chandan Prabhakar will be equally happy to team up with the duo to spill magic on TV soon. Kapil had even hinted at a new show with Sunil. And if this turns out to be true, fans like me would be delighted to the core.

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