Raabta movie review: Even Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon's chemistry can't save it!

By Ritika Handoo | Updated: Jun 10, 2017, 12:21 PM IST
Raabta movie review: Even Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon's chemistry can't save it!
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'Raabta' stands for connection, but sadly Dinesh Vijan's 70mm drama doesn't make one, at least for me, it was a much ado about nothing. First few minutes into the film, and you are left with little hope until saving grace Jim Sarbh (Zakir Merchant) makes his entry.

Sushant Singh Rajput is a great actor but in 'Raabta' his over-the-top lady killer antics will make you wish why the director had to reiterate that he is a 'crowd puller' throughout the film. The actor has tried his best to make a connection with the audience through his performance but the plot plays a spoilsport.

Kriti Sanon, on the other hand, has been given more screen space than other actors and thankfully doesn't disappoint. She has worked on her acting skills since 'Heropanti' and 'Dilwale' days. The costumes are point-on and of course so as we know Anaita Shroff Adajania is at work.

But there are many loopholes in the script which unfortunately mar this love story. SSR (Shiv Kakkar) meets Kriti (Saira Singh) in Budapest and in just two days they feel a connection with each other, spend a night together only to wake up to the fact that Saira has a boyfriend.

However, Shiv, who is a charmer kicks out the boyfriend and the duo enjoy their amazing new found love. Then starts the age old done-to-death cliches, like the game of trust to check on each other before getting married. And with that comes the 'reincarnation' part.

Saira gets these weird dreams about drowning in water and blood everywhere (strange, because when she is with Shiv, these dreams don't bother to come at all). Enter Jim Sarbh, with his epic acting antics which make you sit through 'Raabta'.

The man is perfect in his jilted lover act. He is indeed the saving grace of the film. The flashback will make you compare it with 'Magadheera', as the costumes too look somewhat similar.

There are moments when you feel, why didn't they work on the details. For example, when we are taken into the flashback time zone, there is a dialect used by Rajkummar Rao and his tribe which somehow confuses you whether there was a Bhojpuri influx in there!

The music by Pritam JAM8 and background score by Sachin-Jigar will impress you as it is peppy and intriguing. Similarly, credit must go to the cinematographer Martin Preiss for precision.

Overall, we were expecting much more from this reincarnation drama. Watch 'Raabta' only if you feel the connection. Also, if you want to see Deepika Padukone dance to the title track on big screens!

Ratings: ** (two stars)