Check out how safe is the car you drive or plan to buy

Check out how safe is the car you drive or plan to buy

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Most of the car buyers only consider factors like fuel consumption or mileage, space or seating capacity while buying their car. But there is a lot more to consider before zeroing in on a passenger car model:

Few core features which make a car safe are as follows:

Brakes: A more stable car will have two types of brakes: front disc brakes and drum brakes.

Not only rear disk brakes are much more efficient, with these stability features like ABS, EBD also work better.

Tyres: It is widely believed wider tyres give better stability and control, especially during turns.

Curb weight: Higher the kerb weight, car is usually more stable.

Structural Safety: A car with sturdy steel doors, bonnet and trunk lid will give batter cabin safety

Air bags and emergency brakes: It is best to have a car with dual airbags and Emergency Brake Assist feature as it gives extra safety to the car.

Colour: Lighter colours like silver, white make car more visible especially in night time or in less light.

Car lights: Though all car have lights, few cars have wider and much more visible back-lights. Front and rear fog-lamps are also very helpful.

And the last thing for safety while driving is not just drive within speed limit, also maintain your car well. Ensure regular servicing and right air pressure in the car tyres.