Budget 2012: Total expenditure estimated at Rs 14,90,925 crore

Budget 2012: Total expenditure estimated at Rs 14,90,925 crore

Last Updated: Friday, March 16, 2012, 15:53
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Budget 2012: Total expenditure estimated at Rs 14,90,925 crore Zeebiz Bureau

New Delhi: The Gross Tax Receipts in the General Budget 2012-13 are estimated at Rs 10,77,612 crore, which is an increase of 19.5% over the revised estimates for 2011-12.

As a percentage of GDP, gross taxes are estimated at 10.6% in the BE 2012-13 as against 10.4% in BE 2011-12.

The net tax to the Centre is estimated at Rs 7,71,071 crore , after devolution to the States. The Non Tax Revenue Receipts are estimated at Rs 1,64,614 crore and Non-debt Capital Receipts at Rs 41,650 crore.

In the General Budget 2012-13, presented by the Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee in the Lok Sabha Friday, Corporation Tax with Rs 3,73,227 crore will be the major contributor in the Revenue Receipts.

Income Tax, Customs, Union Excise Duties and Service Tax will yield Rs 1,95,786 crore, Rs 1,86,694 crore, Rs 1,94,350 crore and Rs1,24,000 crore respectively.

Receipts due to Wealth Tax will contribute Rs 1,244 crore whereas Taxes on UTs are estimated to contribute Rs 2310 crore. Direct tax revenue growth is estimated at 13.9% over 2011-12 RE and Indirect tax revenue growth estimated at 26.7% over 2011-12.

On the Non Tax Revenue side, Dividend and Profits will contribute Rs.50,153crore and interest receipts Rs.19,231 crore. Other Non Tax Revenue Receipts will be Rs.91,207crore. Rs.40,000crore is estimated to be from Telecom Spectrum auction.

Capital receipts are pegged at Rs. 5,55,241crore.

The Total expenditure for 2012-13 is budgeted at Rs. 14,90,925crore. Of this, the Plan Expenditure is budgeted at Rs.5,21,025crore which is 18% higher than the Budget Estimates of 2011-12. This is higher than the 15% increase projected in the approach to the Twelfth Plan for 2012-13.

Revenue Plan Expenditure is estimated as Rs.4,20,513crore of which central plan will have Rs.3,03,528 crore.

Capital Plan Expenditure will be Rs.1,00,512crore of which Rs.87,499 will be under the Central Plan. Thus, total budget support for Central Plan in 2012-13 will be Rs. 3,91,027crore and Assistance for State & UT Plans to the tune of Rs.1,29,998 crore.

The Non-plan expenditure is budgeted at Rs. 9,69,900crore which is 8.7% higher than the RE for 2011-12 and 18.8 higher than the BE for 2011-12.

This increase is mainly on account of higher provision for major subsidies. Interest payments and pre-payment premium will account for Rs.3,19,759crore, the highest in the Non Plan Expenditure heads. Subsidies will account for Rs. 1,90,015crore whereas Rs. 1,13,829 crore will go for the Defence Services and Rs.63,183 for pensions. Plan and non plan allocation for the Defence Services will be Rs.1,93,408Crore.

Rs.35,611 crore is budgeted for Police, Rs. 20,784 crore for Social Services and Rs. 24,105 crore for Economic Services like agriculture, industry, power, transport , communications and S&T etc. Rs.21,382crore has been budgeted for Non plan revenue expenditure on Other General Services. Grants to States & UTs are estimated at Rs.64,211crore. In the non plan Capital Expenditure Rs. 79,579 crore has been budgeted for the Defence Services as against Rs. 66,144 crore in 2011-12 (RE). Rs.23,971crore is earmarked for other non plan Capital Outlay.

First Published: Friday, March 16, 2012, 15:53
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