Microsoft Windows Phone 8: Five interesting things

Let’s have a look at the five interesting things of the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

Updated: Nov 03, 2012, 14:21 PM IST

Zeebiz Bureau

New Delhi: Microsoft has unveiled Windows Phone 8, the new version of its Smartphone operating system, representing the software giant's latest move to challenge market leaders Google and Apple.

Microsoft executives have touted new user-friendly features including "Data Sense", which helps users conserve their data allowance through ways such as compressing web images.

Let’s have a look at the five interesting things of the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.

User Interface

The smartphone software shares the same user interface and technology core with Windows 8, Microsoft's newly-launched operating system for personal computers and tablet computers, making it easier for developers to create apps for both platforms and for users to run similar programmes across different devices.

Live Tiles

The new smartphone software has a Start screen in the form of square tiles, which can display real-time information such as updates on social networking sites. Users can personalize the Start screen by pinning their favourite items such as application and photos, and choose from three sizes and 20 colours for the so-called "Live Tiles".

It also allows users to icons— apps, email, text messages, Internet Explorer, photos as per their choice. The icons can be placed or stretched so that they fill the Start screen from one edge to the other.


Camera is one of the biggest strengths of Windows Phone 8. The secret lies in is in the Lenses. Various customised features can be added to the native WP viewfinder for a different photography experience.

The camera menu also allows you editing tools with which you can easily crop and rotate images.


You can go for music streaming or downloads through Xbox Music Pass subscription offered by Windows Phone 8 drops. You have access to any purchases made in the Xbox Music Store stored across all Microsoft-branded devices.

By linking to an Xbox Live account you can you can connect Xbox Avatar and Gamertag information. More games can be launched later by the developers as they choose to deliver to the end users.

NFC communication

Windows Phone 8 also offers support for hardware specifications including multi-core processors and near-field communication (NFC), a technology that allows users to pay with their smartphones or connect their phones to other NFC-enabled devices.