Nokia planned Android phones but dumped it

Nokia is said to have been planning to work on Android phones but dumped it, though the reason why it didn’t is never known.

Zee Media Bureau/Rd. Alexander

New Delhi: Imagine Nokia phones with Google's operating system Android. It would have made one hell of a smartphone. But now, that is not likely to happen.

According to reports, Nokia was planning to work on Android phones and other devices but dumped it, though the reason why it dumped is never known.

The Finnish handset maker was said to be planning android phones under the codename of Normandy, but it will never take off, said the report.

A Chinese website reported that Nokia abandoned its plans to work on android phones and tablets and instead decided to focus on wearable devices including smart glasses. The site further claims that the company had planned a 7-inch android tablet to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 400.

Nokia was planning the android phones and tablets under the leadership of Peter Skillman, the report said.

Questions had arisen as to why the Finnish handset maker had abandoned the plant. Was it because Microsoft had bought it? Was it because Nokia was using Windows as its operating system, which again was made by Microsoft?

Of course, that said and done, it was indeed hard to imagine that Nokia would be working on Android phones considering it is a rival to Microsoft’s Window.

It was even expected that Nokia’s android phone, codename Normandy, would be unveiled sometime in early 2014.

However, with the latest report that it has been abandoned, there sure is no Nokia Android phone or tablets.

But would it have worked? It could have possibly revived the company considering Android is most a popular operating system that Windows.