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Naming of new RBI chief shows Modi government regains composure after Rajan shock

Raghuram Rajan`s abrupt announcement of his departure as governor of the Reserve Bank of India came as a nasty surprise to many, especially his fans in the investment community, but the way Urjit Patel was chosen as his successor has been anything but.

In recovering housing market, the starter home remains elusive

David Randall and Nichola Groom/Reuters

One nation, one tax – How GST will change India's tax system

As that nationwide system is constructed and brought online, tax administrators will also have to be retrained.

India needs to shed anti-competitive market distortions to prosper

What makes certain economies relatively prosperous and others relatively poor has been a question of debate among economic scholars and public policy practitioners for a long period of time.

Raghuram Rajan: Why RBI needed more of him

Raghuram Rajan’s parting line of communication about being “available to serve” the country gives us hope.

Referendum: An agent of direct democracy or a political tool?

The latest petition that currently commands over 3 million signatures was launched after “What is the EU” topped the charts on Google Trends throughout the UK, Northern Ireland and Scotland on Brexit night.

Brexit vote adds to uncertainty over global economy, impact won't be seen soon

The first indication of how Britain`s vote to leave the European Union will affect the global economy will come from business surveys, with the hard data to follow -- a lag that increases uncertainty over growth.

Near-field communication technology will take some time to get absorbed in the Indian market: SBI Cards CEO

In an interview with Ashish Pandey of Zee Media, Vijay Jasuja, Chief Executive Officer of SBI Cards & Payment Services Private Limited (SBICPSL), discusses in detail on how the company has emerged as a major player in today's credit card market. ​

REXIT: What it means for India?

Raghuram Rajan's sudden exit from the post of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor has put the national media and political circles in a tizzy - flooded with series of speculative stories, gossip and slander.

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan faces ghosts of rupee's past

The looming expiration of an emergency liquidity measure introduced during India`s 2013 currency crisis comes at a risky time for the rupee, with about USD 20 billion in deposits expected to leave the country as global investment appetite worsens.