Monika Ghurde murder case: Why artist photographer turned into perfume designer

Monika Ghurde murder case: Why artist photographer turned into perfume designer

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Monika Ghurde, the well-known Perfumer, who was found murdered in her Goa home on October 7, studied Photography from JJ Institute of Applied Arts to follow her passion.

The pictures posted by her on her account Monicagee on Instagram and Twitter reveal the Artist side of her:

Her LinkedIn account shows that she followed her profession in Photography from October 2009 to 2013.

Monika Ghurde followed her heart when she began studying Perfumery under an English perfumer at the UK's Picot Laboratories. During one of her interview to a publication, she quips, “I was always obsessed with smell. Anything given to me, I would always sniff it first. My brother used to call me a sniffer dog,”.

LinkedIn shows that she started MO Labs in July 2015 where she describes herself as 'Independent Perfumer & Researcher'.

She became so involved in the business that she had several projects not just in India, but New York, and Europe too.

She extensively contributed to the handicraft and hotel industry which extensively rely on use of perfumes. Park Hyatt Goa tweeted in August this year, "Our chefs and MO LAB are working to create a truly #SumptuouslyScented experience".

Monika conducted many workshops by the name 'The Invisible You" for children and adults to create create awareness on olfactory sense.

The scent of Jasmine fascinated her, and she was deeply involved in her research on Jasmine. As per reports, she was also the President of Goa's perfume industry.



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