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Meet Julie Larson-Green: the woman set to lead Microsoft Windows!

Last Updated: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 18:14

London: Julie Larson-Green, the woman who is set to succeed Steven Sinofsky as the new boss of Microsoft''s Windows division, has said that its been her long wish to ‘make PCs work they way they should’.

Larson-Green joined the company 19 years ago as a program manager for Visual C++ and has worked her way up through the ranks.

She worked hand-in-hand with Sinofsky on Microsoft Office, prior to which she worked on Microsoft SharePoint and Internet Explorer, ABC News reports.

“It''s been my dream for a long time to make PCs work the way they should,” she said.

“The world of computing has changed a lot since Windows came out 25 years ago. We wanted to reinvent Windows to be what people expect today but we also wanted to maintain the familiar desktop and the apps that people use,” she added.

According to the report, Larson-Green actually led one of the most dramatic redesigns at the company when she worked on the so-called ribbon interface in Office.

A self-admitted nerd, she studied business at Western Washington University before joining, the report said.

When asked about her experience of being a lead female executive at Microsoft, she gave the credit to her team at the Bill Gates firm.

“It was really a focus of our whole team to make it beautiful and feel wonderful when you are using it. Attention to detail, I can''t say I brought that because I am a woman -- but it was a big focus for our team,” she said.

“You are going to see us progress from here. We have some exciting things,” she added.


First Published: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 18:14
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