Kamal Haasan clarifies on Hindu terror remark row, gears up for big role in politics

Tamil film icon Kamal Haasan had recently come under attack from pro-Hindu outfits over his comments on right-wing terrorism.

Kamal Haasan clarifies on Hindu terror remark row, gears up for big role in politics

Chennai: Tamil film icon Kamal Haasan, who recently courted a controversy over his comments on Hindu right-wing terror groups, said on Tuesday that his remarks were lost in translation.

"I never used the word 'terrorist', I used 'extremist'," he said.

Hassan had recently come under attack a Tamil Daily quoted him as saying ''the existence of Hindu terrorists could not be denied and that where the Hindus once used to debate, they have now resorted to violence.''

"I definitely don't want to hurt Hindu sentiments, as I myself belong to a Hindu family, but have taken a different path," Haasan added.

"The right-wing cannot challenge the talk of the Hindu terrorists because terror has spread into their camp as well," the Tamil film icon had reportedly written.

Referring to the controversy over his write up in the Tamil weekly last week, the actor said violence in the name of any religion was not proper, adding it was not his "appeal" against violence but "apprehension."

Amid strong buzz of his taking the political plunge and possibly launching a party by next year, the veteran Tamil actor today announced the launching of a mobile application that would serve as a platform to communicate with the people.

Addressing a press conference on with his 63rd birthday, the actor said he was ''already there'' referring to questions on his possible entry into the world of politics.

"I am already here," (that he was in politics) and holding discussions with various experts on the matter,'' he added.

Talking about the soon-to-be-launched mobile application, Haasan said, "The app 'maiyamwhistle' is currently in the developmental stage and would be launched by January."

The actor also informed that he would undertake a state-wide tour of Tamil Nadu to communicate with the people ahead of launching a political party.

"After the launch of the mobile app, we will indicate when I will be touring Tamil Nadu to understand my people from a different perspective, not as an artiste," he said.

The mobile application, which is 'beta tested', would provide a platform to users to quickly report any complaint that needs to be redressed in a transparent manner, Haasan said, adding after the app is launched, he would explain how it works and then "we will have series of announcements."

"It is a very important day. It is hopefully a day towards progress. Progress not just for an individual but also for Tamil Nadu," he said.

"There has been constant references in the media that I will be introducing an app. I am not saying it is wrong. This 'maiamwhistle' is not just an app, we are creating a platform through which people can be reached at various levels," the actor said.

Asserting that he has been waiting for many years for a "change", he said, "We have waited for many years. I have waited for many years for a change. No need to be in a hurry. We are not doing what everybody else is doing, we are trying to be honest."

The clarification from the actor came nearly a week he was criticised over his comments on right-wing extremism by several Hindu outfits, including the RSS. 

Haasan said he was not bothered about how many Hindus were present in that hall or even in the country but was concerned about those back at home.

"I will be reduced to tears if they (family) deny me the weapon called love," he said. "No religion preaches violence.... I never begin a word trying to hurt Hindus. Because I hail from that family," the actor said.

A complaint was filed against the actor in a court in Uttar Pradesh for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of Hindus by his remarks.

"Earlier such Hindu right-wingers, without indulging in violence against those belonging to other religions, made the latter indulge in violence through their arguments and counter-arguments," he had said in the controversial remarks.

However, since "this old conspiracy" had begun to fail, the groups were indulging in violence, he had said.

"Extremism is in no way a (mark of) success or growth for those who call themselves Hindus," he had said in the write-up. 

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