IPL 2017, Match 24: Rising Pune Supergiant vs Sunrisers Hyderabad — As it happened...

Chasing 177, Dhoni scored an unbeaten 61 off just 34 balls with the help of five boundaries and three sixes, to steer the Pune to a thrilling victory in the last ball, reaching 179 for four in 20 overs.

IPL 2017, Match 24: Rising Pune Supergiant vs Sunrisers Hyderabad — As it happened...

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Rahul Tripathi cracked brilliant half-centuries to guide Rising Pune Supergiant to six-wicket win over Sunrisers Hyderabad in an Indian Premier League match.

Chasing 177, Dhoni scored an unbeaten 61 off just 34 balls with the help of five boundaries and three sixes, to steer the Pune to a thrilling victory in the last ball, reaching 179 for four in 20 overs.

Tripathi made a quickfire 41-ball 59 at the top of the order to give Pune a blazing start to their innings.

Earlier, Rising Pune Supergiant produced a disciplined bowling effort before a smashing half-century by Moises Henriques enabled Sunrisers Hyderabad to reach a competitive total of 176 for three. 


RPS won by 6 wickets


Over 20 | Score 179/4 | Dhoni 61 (34) ; Tiwary 17 (8)

And it is the last six deliveries to follow with 11 runs needed. Kaul called for the last over. Fisrt ball, Manoj skyrockets the delivery high over deep midwicket and Rashid Khan takes...no misses it in the deep and its a four. 6 off 4 now. Perfect time to finsih it off in his own style. Crowd is already dancing to the rhythm of his strokes. Single off the third ball to bring Tiwary on strike. 5 off 3 now. And Tiwary brings Dhoni on strike with a single. 4 off 2 now. Quick two to follow. 2 off 1. Kaul chatting with Bhuvi now before the last and deciding delivery. Long discussion indeed. Last ball...four, bulleting down extra cover.

Over 19 | Score 168/4 | Dhoni 54 (31) ; Tiwary 11 (5)

And it is Bhuvi in for his last over and starts off with a wide. 29 off 12 now. Second ball, in-swing yorker and a typically struck Dhoni shot through his leg, through square-leg for a boundary. And yet another to follow. Sliced over third man to get it. And now a six to get his IPL fifty. He is back ladies and gentlemen. Sit back and enjoy the final showdown. 16 already off the over. 14 needed off 8 deliveries. Crowd going all electrifying now. Bhuvi having a chat with Warner before the last ball.Two off the last ball.  

Over 18 | Score 147/4 | Dhoni 37 (26) ; Tiwary 10 (4)

After a long talk with his mentor Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Siraj comes into the attack for his fourth over. But off the second ball, Manoj gets inside the line to deflect the offside ball to the leg side for a boundary. Fourth delivery, outside off full length delivery as Dhoni shifts to muscle it high over long-on for a six. Then a bouncer lifted over short third man for a four.  

Over 17 | Score 130/4 | Dhoni 25 (22) ; Tiwary 5 (2)

Bhuveneshwar Kumar into the attack now and strikes off Ben Stokes. First ball, yorker to the leg side as he flicks it to deep midwicket and the subsitute fielder there to take it with ease.

BA Stokes c sub (V Shankar) b Kumar 10 (9b)

Manoj Tiwary is the new batsman at the crease. Fourth delivery, Dhoni smacks the in-swing yorker down midwicket for a four...and fielder there to take it. But umpire goes upstairs for a comfirmation...has the left leg touched the rope, seems a bit of movement. Decision is just two runs off it. But off the last delivery, Tiwary gets the right stroke to the similar delivery and gets a four down midwicket.

Over 16 | Score 121/3 | Dhoni 20 (18) ; Stokes 10 (8)

30 deliveries to go and 62 runs to score with rate at 12+. Time to hit now, strike the larger numbers to reach the target. Siraj back in for his third over now. Four runs off the first three deliveries bowled now. Two off the next three.

Over 15 | Score 115/3 | Dhoni 17 (15) ; Stokes 8 (6)

Siddarth Kaul brought back into the attack now for his second over. And finally Dhoni fires. Picked the length and bulleted it over the long-on fielder for a six. Typical Dhoni shot. But the asking rate still stands as a topic to worry about. Stokes this time, finishes the over with a boundary. Drives the outside off delivery down cover for a four.

Over 14 | Score 101/3 | Dhoni 9 (12) ; Stokes 2 (3)

Rashid Khan into the attack for his final over to get rid of dangerous Tripathi of a run out. Brilliant throw from Rashid Khan.

RA Tripathi run out 59 (41b)

Ben Stokes at the crease now. And suddenly there is a sudden pressure on the Giants after that dismissal. Lot of work to do for the duo at crease now. Three off the over.

Over 13 | Score 98/2 | Dhoni 8 (9) ; Tripathi 59 (41)

After an expensive first over, Siraj is back in for his second. But the punishment continues as Dhoni, laps the outside off flatter delivery down backward point for a four. Two singles to follow off the next four deliveries bowled. Single to finish off. Strategic time-out.

Over 12 | Score 90/2 | Dhoni 1 (4) ; Tripathi 59 (39)

Moises Henriques into the attack for the first time today as asking run rate stands exactly at 10. MS Dhoni is the new man at crease. Standing there under a lot of pressure from his critics, his fans, about his performance.

Just one off the first three deliveries bowled till now. Just four off the over.

Over 11 | Score 87/2 | Dhoni 0 (1) ; Tripathi 57 (37)

Rashid Khan back for his third over now. Three singles off the first half of the over. And finally gets rid of the captain with that googly of his. Fifth delivery, googly as Smith goes for the cut. Inside edge, pad and the bails go red. Unlucky for Smith and Pune. But a great wicket for the youngster. And there is a glimpse of  the Afghan community of Pune celebrating his wicket.

SPD Smith b Rashid Khan 27 (21b)

Over 10 | Score 83/1 | Smith 25 (18) ; Tripathi 55 (35)

Bipul into the attack now to finish his quota for the day. Fourth ball, places it near the leg, slightly off as Smith slog sit high over midwicket to get a maximum. And then again. This time over cover.

Over 9 | Score 68/1 | Smith 11 (14) ; Tripathi 54 (33)

And Rashid comes up into the attack now after the strategic time-out and gives away three runs in the first four deliveries asd fifty comes up for Rahul Tripathi. His maiden T20 fifty. Off the last delivery, Rahul smacks it down deep midwicket to get a boundary.

Over 8 | Score 61/1 | Smith 9 (10) ; Tripathi 49 (31)

Bipul Sharma returns to attack as partnership stands at 40 off 23 balls. Single off the third and fourth delivery and one more to follow sums up to just three in the over.

Over 7 | Score 58/1 | Smith 7 (6) ; Tripathi 48 (28)

And thus we see the entry of Rashid Khan now. Probably to calm the rampage now. Just two off the first four deliveries now- dot, single, dot, single. Two off the last two balls.

Over 6 | Score 55/1 | Smith 5 (3) ; Tripathi 47 (26)

And it is the last over of power-play now and into the attack is Siddarth Kaul. Third delivery, slightly flat to the leg side as Rahul makes ample space to volley it high, way high over long-on for a six. Similar delivery and this time punished for a four. Shimmies between cover and mid-off. Excellent timing from Rahul, indeed. And a maximum it is to finish off the over. 18 off the over.

Over 5 | Score 37/1 | Smith 4 (2) ; Tripathi 30 (21)

And it is Siraj into the attack now. Off the first delivery, Rahul in trouble...lifts it high and Bipul at mid-on misses to take it. And Rahul, given that lifeline, smashes a pull to the shorter delivery over square-leg for a six. And then a four to follow. Steps out to put the slower delivery towards point boundary. 13 off the over.

Over 4 | Score 24/1 | Smith 4 (2) ; Tripathi 17 (15)

Bipul Sharma into the attack now only to remove Rahane. Slow, tossed up, to the leg side and Rahane strikes it off the lower part off the bat. Surely doesnt travel far and fielder at mid-on to take comfortably. And another dismal performance by Rahane.

AM Rahane c Kaul b Bipul Sharma 2 (7b)

Similar ball to Tripathi in the very next delivery, and he slog sweeps it over square-leg and the ball dances slowly to the boundary. Off the last ball, new batsman, skipper Smith volleys the outside placed delivery well high over the bowler to get a boundary.

Over 3 | Score 15/0 | Rahane 2 (6) ; Tripathi 12 (13)

Bhuvi back into the attack now only to be punished off the first delivery for a boundary by Rahul. Laps the leg side pressing delivery down extra cover. Bhuvi answers back with a vicious yorker. And then again a boundary, this time past the keeper off the outside edge off the bat. A yorker to finish the over.

Over 2 | Score 5/0 | Rahane 2 (6) ; Tripathi 2 (6)

And it is Bipul Sharma into the attack now coming from the media box end. Remember he was roped in for today's match in place of Yuvraj Singh, who is currently unwell. Three off the first three deliveries bowled. Single to finish off the over.

Over 1 | Score 1/0 | Rahane 1 (4) ; Tripathi 0 (2)

And it is Rahul Tripathi yet again accompanying Ajinkya Rahane to open for Pune while Purple cap holder Bhuvneshwar Kumar is into the attack.

After first three dot balls to test in, Rahane gets off the mark with a single down to short third man. Just that one off the over.  

RPS need 177 off 120 deliveries to win


Over 20 | Score 176/3 | Hooda 19 (10); Henriques 55 (28)

And it is the last six balls to be bowled as Thakur comes up for it. Second ball and Hooda cleverly lifts the shorter delivery over Dhoni to get a four. And then off the fourth delivery, Henriques drives the leg side pressing delivery down cover to get a boundary and bring up his half-century in just 26 deliveries. And he goes again, this time off the outside edge to put it between point and backward point.

Over 19 | Score 161/3 | Hooda 14 (8); Henriques 46 (24)

Jaydev Unadkat in for his fourth and final over now. Third ball, Hooda skyrockets the full length delivery for a 94 metres distant six. The ball hits the roof and falls into the stand as home fans cheer loud for their team. And then again, this time its Henriques. Power pulls the off side flatter delivery over midwicket for a six. 15 off the over.

Over 18 | Score 146/3 | Hooda 7 (5); Henriques 38 (21)

Shardul Thakur in for his third over now. Third ball, length, angling in and Hooda, off the thick outside edge, cracks it past the keeper for a boundary. And then again, this time from Moises with a stylish square-cut to get a four. 12 off the over.

Over 17 | Score 134/3 | Hooda 1 (2); Henriques 32 (18)

And it is Jaydev Unadkat back for third over for the day. First delivery, good length to the off and Moises ramps it high, well high over midwicket for a maximum. Six! And then the big wicket. Yes! It is Warner to depart this time. Third delivery, length ball, swinging in as Warner made room to ramp it over backward-point, but all went awry as the ball zipped past the bat to click off the bails.

DA Warner b Unadkat 43 (40b)

Deepak Hooda is the new man in. And it is a four from Henriques to finish of the over.

Over 16 | Score 122/2 | Warner 43 (39); Henriques 21 (15)

Daniel Christian up for his fourth and final over now. Henriques starts off with a risky two off the first delivery with a stroke down deep midwicket. Third delivery, saw Warner stepping out and went for a fuller and wide delivery as Warner got a healthy outside edge to carve it over third man for a boundary.

Over 15 | Score 113/2 | Warner 38 (36); Henriques 18 (12)

Imran Tahir back in for his third over now. Third delivery, Tahir goes for a high full toss and Warner perplexed himself switch hits for a six over square-leg off the top-edge of the bat. FREE HIT...and thats a single. An expensive 13 runs off the over.

Over 14 | Score 97/2 | Warner 29 (33); Henriques 12 (8)

After an expensive first over, Shardul Thakur comes back for his second over. And after two dot balls, Henriques pulls the flatter off side fourth delivery, high over mid-on for a four. And then again. Flatter one, pressing to the leg side as he made space to drive it down extra cover for boundary.

Over 13 | Score 85/2 | Warner 29 (33); Henriques 1 (3)

Christian for his third over now and gets the important, important wicket of Kane Williamson. Third delivery, slow off-cutter in full as Kane was looking for a flick on the leg side, but the ball went through to strike his pad. Big wicket indeed for Pune.

KS Williamson lbw b Christian 21 (14b)

Moises Henriques is the new man at crease. Just two off the over.

Over 12 | Score 83/1 | Warner 28 (30); Williamson 21 (13)

And it is Ben Stokes in the attack yet again. His second over now. First ball, slower to the off and Warner powers it to mid-on and Smith in position to...misses it. Unbelievable from the captain. Off the third delivery, Kane pulls the shorter off side delivery high over square leg for a maximum. Nine already off the five deliveries and the last one goes for a four from Kane.

Over 10 | Score 65/1 | Warner 23 (24); Williamson 8 (7)

Daniel Christian back into the attack for his second over now. Two quick twos taken in the first three deliveries. Three more runs to follow off the next two as the last one goes for a single.

Over 9 | Score 57/1 | Warner 22 (23); Williamson 1 (3)

Dangerous Tahir now into the attack for his first over and he strikes. Gets rid of Shikhar Dhawan of his very first delivery. Played the ball to early as Tripathi ran in to deep midwicket to take the catch effortlessly.

S Dhawan c Tripathi b Imran Tahir 30 (29b)

And it is Kane Williamson at the crease now. Just three off the over.

Over 8 | Score 55/0 | Warner 21 (20); Dhawan 30 (28)

And a new bowler into the attack now. Daniel Christian it is. Just a single off the first half of the over. Just two off the over.

Over 7 | Score 53/0 | Warner 20 (17); Dhawan 29 (25)

Washington Sundar into the attack yet again. His third over now. Fourth delivery, turning in and Dhwan muscles the delivery down the line for a boundary. Eight off the over.

Over 6 | Score 45/0 | Warner 18 (15); Dhawan 23 (21)

Shardul Thakur now introduced into the attack for the last over of the power-play. Was indeed impressive in the match against RCB.

And finally Warner with his first boundary. Off the fourth delivery, Warner smacks it over the mid-on fielder to get the boundary. And another boundary to finish off the over.

Over 5 | Score 34/0 | Warner 8 (11); Dhawan 22 (19)

And now a new bowler, it is Ben Stokes into the attack now. Second delivery, flatter to the off and Dhawan cuts it hard down point to get a boundary. Two dot balls to follow then. Six off the over.

Over 4 | Score 28/0 | Warner 7 (9); Dhawan 17 (15)

Washington Sundar once again back into the attack now. SRH banking more on singles right now, rotating strikes, giving each other the time to settle in. Four singles so far in the five deliveries bowled and Dhawan, yet again steps out to find the boundary. His third four so far.  

Over 3 | Score 20/0 | Warner 5 (7); Dhawan 11 (11)

Jaydev comes back into the attack for his second over now. Just two singles off the first half of the over. Fifth delivery, shorter one, swinging in and Dhawan stepped out to pull it down midwicket to get a boundary. It came right off the middle of the bat. Single to finish the over.  

Over 2 | Score 12/0 | Warner 3 (4); Dhawan 5 (7)

And finally it is 17-year-old Washington Sundar making a debut for Pune. Remember, he was roped in late after trial, as a replacement for Injured Ashwin.

Just a single off the first half off the over. Five off the over.  

Over 1 | Score 7/0 | Warner 2 (2); Dhawan 5 (4)

And it is one more chance for Rising Pune Supergiant to mend their ways as they head into match 24 against the defending champions. The officials are out on the field and so are the two left-handed openers. And it is Jaydev Unadkat, who will open up the attack for Pune.

Dhawan, off the third delivery stepped out to smack it down the line for a boundary. Just seven off the over.  

15:52 IST: SRH XI: D Warner, S Dhawan, K Williamson, M Henriques, D Hooda, B Sharma, N Ojha, B Kumar, M Siraj, S Kaul, R Khan

RPS XI: A Rahane, R Tripathi, S Smith, B Stokes, M Tiwary, MS Dhoni, D Christian, W Sundar, I Tahir, S Thakur, J Unadkat

15:46 IST: The news from the center is that Yuvraj Singh is down with fever and hence will not be able to feature in today's match.

15:43 IST: Here's the complete squad:-

15:35 IST: The big news from Hyderabad dressing room is that Yuvraj Singh has been dropped, while Bipul Sharma has come in the XI. Meanwhile, Pune have roped in Washington Sundar in place of Rahul Chahar.

15:32 IST: It's toss time! Steve Smith wins the toss and invites David warner to bat first.

15:26 IST: Not long left before we have the two captains out on the field for the toss. Stay tuned!

15:08 IST: Will Steve Smith and Co. register another victory or David Warner's defending champions prove too good once again? Were are less than half-an-hour away from the toss.

A resurging Rising Pune Supergiant will for a back-to-back victory for the first time in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2017 season after securing a morale-boosting triumph over Royal Challengers Bangalore last Sunday. 

Their task, however, won't be a simpler one as they are up against the defending champions Sunrisers Hyderabad who are placed third in the standings, 2 points behind leaders Mumbai Indians and level with second placed Kolkata Knight Riders. (IPL 2017 - Points Table | Schedule)

As far as the chances of RPS is concerned, Steve Smith will be banking on Mahendra Singh Dhoni's upturn in form to see out a tricky David Warner-led SRH.

Playing only their second edition of the IPL, Pune are lying seventh in the table with four points after losing three matches and winning two in their last five outings so far.

Regarded as one of the game's best finishers, Dhoni's performance has always been the key for his former team Chennai Super Kings, a side he led to the title in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. Pune would hope he gets his midas touch back.

Pune's batting has so far revolved around skipper Smith and Ajinkya Rahane, who have been their best run-scorers.

As far as the Sunrisers are concerned, after a rampaging start, they suffered losses against Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders in successive matches but they brought their campaign back on track with victories over Kings XI Punjab and Delhi Daredevils.

Skipper David Warner has led his team from the front, scoring bulk of their runs and he has been supported well by India's Shikhar Dhawan.

Both the batsmen have scored more than 200 runs so far in IPL and they would look to continue their rich vein of form tomorrow.

Here's everything you need to know about the Indian Premier League Match 24:-

Predicted playing XIs:-

Rising Pune Supergiant: Ajinkya Rahane, Rahul Tripathi, Steven Smith (captain), Manoj Tiwary, MS Dhoni, Ben Stokes, Dan Christian, Shardul Thakur, Jaydev Unadkat, Imran Tahir, Ankit Sharma

Sunrisers Hyderabad: David Warner (captain), Shikhar Dhawan, Kane Williamson, Moises Henriques, Yuvraj Singh, Deepak Hooda, Naman Ojha, Bipul Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Rashid Khan, Siddarth Kaul

When and where to watch the match:-

Date & Time: April 22 (Saturday) at 16:00 pm IST

Venue: MCA Stadium, Pune

TV Listing: Sony Six, Sony Six HD, Sony ESPN, Sony ESPN HD and SET MAX.

Live Streaming: Sony LIV, Hotstar

As far as the head to head record is concerned, both sides have won one game apiece.