This Friendship day, surprise your friends with these heartfelt quotes

By Zee Media Bureau | Updated: Aug 04, 2017, 10:14 AM IST
This Friendship day, surprise your friends with these heartfelt quotes

Each friend is special, in his/her own way. Perhaps this is why an entire day is dedicated to celebrate this timeless, beautiful and unbreakable bond.

So this Friendship day, say out loud your inner feelings to your friends with the help of the quotes given below!

#1 The one who's been there since childhood

“The people who have been there 

since the beginning,

Will always have an edge over the ones who

joined near the end.”

Some of us are lucky enough to have friends who have been with us since childhood. They were there when you turned 10, they were there when you turned 18 and you know that they will be there when you turn 60. Time doesn't seem to affect your friendship, it only gets stronger. Give a big shoutout to these friends for being there in every situation- good and bad. They will always have an edge over the new friends you make.

#2 The one who was the Roomie

“Thank you for becoming:

my 3:00AM pizza place,

my 6:00 AM alarm clock,

my 11:00 AM coffee break

and my all time counsellor.”

If you ever had a roommate, or if you were lucky enough to have the best of the roommates, then this message is a direct wish from the heart for them. We just can't thank them enough for functioning as different kinds of support systems. If it weren't for them, how would you pass that semester?

#3 The one you met in college

“From bunking the morning lecture,

To now reaching Office at 9:00.

From exploring new places for lunch,

To gobbling up food to meet a client,

From the Goa and Ladakh trips,

Which are Now reduced to office tours,

I Miss The Time In Between,

Do you miss it to?”

People we meet in college are the ones with whom we explore adult life in its best phase. We all know what college is about and here is a wish to thank all those college friends with whom you've had endless gossips, endless trips and endless memories.

Quoting Deepika Padukone's dialogue from YJHD, “Yaadein mithai ke dibbe ki tarah hoti hain, ek baar khula to sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge”.

#4 The one you fought with a lot

“Sometimes we assume it to be a full stop;

even though it is just a semicolon.”

There are some friends with whom we have had endless fights, arguments and even the possibility of the friendship ending. Yet, they stay; Against all the odds. This quote perfectly describes the beauty of such friendship which never really ends, despite of all the fighting.

#5 The one with the best advice

“I got your back.

And when things aren't right,

You know I'm just a call away

and for you,

An army I can fight.”

We all have had at least one friend who always gave the best advice, for everything. Maybe it is time you pay them back with a promise of having their back at all times?

#6 The One who broke all the rules

“The Brain will sigh, but

The heart will always know why.

You're the Dee Dee to my Dexter,

the Penny to my Leonard,

the Piglet to my Pooh

and the Barney to my Fred.”

The one friend who told you that it is okay to bend the rules at times and the one who also made sure that you had fun while working hard to make a career. There is a special place in our hearts for such friends, isn't it?

#7 The one who cheered you up, always

“Thanks for making me smile,

when all I wore was a frown,

You've been here for quite a while,

and I know you'll never let me down.”

Whether it was a rough day at school/college/work or a problem at home, this one particular friend always made us smile and see the best in every circumstance. With such positivity in them, they deserve a special quote.

#8 The one who moved abroad

“We may be far away from each other,

But we shall never be separated.”

For all the long distance friends out there! Here is your chance to cross the seas and put a smile in your friend's face with this magical quote. Let them know that even though they're far away, distance just doesn't matter.

#9 The one you were bound to meet

“Love at first sight might not exist,

But friendship at first sight does.”

This one is for that one friend whom you connected with instantly! The moment you both met, it was like you had known each other for ages. Dedicate this quote to the friend whom you were always bound to meet.

#10 The one you fell in love with!

“Aligned with the universe,

Against those stormy nights,

We found love in friendship,

along with endless laughter and fights.”

At last the one friend you fell in love with! Very few people are lucky to have this combination and if you are someone who's partner was your friend first, it is time you surprise your loved one with a special friendship day message!

It all began with friendship after all!