Bizarre! Delhi man receives soap after ordering phone online - Know what happened

This Delhi-based resident ended up receiving soap bars instead of a smartphone, he had placed an order of. Here's what happened.

Bizarre! Delhi man receives soap after ordering phone online - Know what happened
Pic Courtesy: Facebook

New Delhi: How would you feel if you are expecting a parcel of a smartphone but end up receiving soap bars instead. Too funny to be true!

This is exactly what happened to a Delhi-based man when he ordered a smartphone online. However, he received three bars of detergent soap in return.

On September 7, Chirag Dhawan ordered a brand new OnePlus 5 on the online shopping giant Amazon and received the order on September 11. To his surprise, Dhawan discovered detergent soap bars after he unwrapped the package.

The 22-year-old promptly took to Facebook and shared a photograph of the 'Fena' brand soap bars.

"I came back from office at around 9 PM and on opening the box I found that instead of sending the phone, your seller Rocket Kommerce (read fraudsters) had sent 3 packs of Fena detergent. I'm attaching some photos for your reference," read Dhawan's Facebook post.

'Disappointed' Dhawan further wrote, "After this when I tried to contact your customer care, I was given no satisfactory response. I even told them to at least provide me a complaint no. or provide a confirmation that they have registered my complaint, but still I did not get any confirmation. I request the higher authority to kindly take up this matter ASAP."

His Facebook post soon went viral and garnered nearly 33k reactions and 3k shares.

However, the issue was immediately resolved as Amazon offered to replace his order.

"The matter has been sorted by Amazon now. They are sending a replacement," Dhawan told NDTV. "They acted quickly when the issue was escalated to their senior management," he added.