1 in 3 kids prefer watching TV than climbing a tree

London: An expert has warned that a generation of children are in danger of growing into dysfunctional adults because they do not play outside.

A study, carried out by antiseptic brand Savlon and Play England, found that 60 per cent of youngsters would rather watch television or play computer games than venture outdoors.

A third of children aged between six and 15 have never climbed a tree, a quarter have never rolled down a hill and almost half have never made a daisy chain, it found.

Catherine Prisk, a former teacher and director of campaign group Play England, said children are missing out on vital experiences and may become dysfunctional adults.

“Playing outside, getting muddy, climbing trees and making daisy chains are simple pleasures many of today’s children are missing out on,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

“Children are likely to be more physically active when they play outside and are more likely to play with other children.

“This is essential for their emotional and physical health, wellbeing and happiness and is also important for their future development, to build vital life and social skills.

“When children learn to climb a tree they are learning to overcome a physical challenge and it will stand them in good stead for overcoming other challenges in life, such as learning to read,” she added.



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