7 COOL things to do on your birthday

Look at these different ways in which you can celebrate your next birthday!

7 COOL things to do on your birthday
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1) Take an overnight short trip. Alone!

Travelling can be relaxing and fun at any time of the year. But travelling solo on your birthday can be a different feeling altogether. As you turn older, it is time for you to rediscover yourself and travelling has always been the best discovering tool. Away from the hustle and bustle of your city, awaits a new journey.  

2) Stay in your pajamas all day and run a movie marathon with your favourite ice-cream

Are you a movie buff? Well it is time for you to put on your comfy pajamas and brace yourself for a movie marathon. Your favourite ice-cream can be the best company for the day!

3) Wish your parents as it because of you they got an opportunity to become parents

Ever wished your parents on your birthday? Well its time you do. Every year on your birthday they remind you of how you came to this world and made their world a happier place to live in. On your next birthday, wish them and take them out for a treat.

4) Get a Spa

Birthday is probably the only day when you are allowed not to work! Treat yourself to a nearest spa and pamper your body. Spa is the ultimate mode of relaxation. Start afresh after a splendid spa treatment.

5) Count your blessings

Make a list of all the things that made your year a memorable one. Be grateful to your loving family, friends and everyone who made the tiniest of difference in your life. And most importantly go and thank God for the beautiful years of your life and the ones yet to come. 

6) Check off a thing from your bucket list

We all have our secret desires and things we want to do once in our lifetime. On your birthday, go and check off that one thing you have been wanting to do at the right time. Your birthday is the best time for you never know if you will be alive for your next birthday!

7) Have a crazy party

For all the party animals out there, throw a crazy birthday party. Invite all your friends and show them how much they mean to you.  In return you will be surprised to know how much you mean to them.

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