Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga`s financial info leaked through `doxxing`

Washington: Angelina Jolie and Lady Gaga have reportedly become the two latest victims of the celebrity hackers, who have already exposed the financial information of Michelle Obama and Beyonce.

The other victims of the hackers were NRA advocate Wayne LaPierre, Dennis Rodman, Michael Vick, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and Robert De Niro, reported.

The hackers have posted what they have claimed to be the social security numbers, mortgage amounts, credit card information, car loans, banking and other information of the celebrities listed on their site.

According to the Huffington Post, in a process colloquially known as "doxxing," a hacking group formerly based out of Russia leaked Social Security information along with financial details like credit card numbers and bank account specifics.

Their previous website was shut down by its host but is now back up and running with a new domain extension (.re), which suggests that it is based out of the French island of Reunion located off the coast of Madagascar.

The hackers had earlier hit Mel Gibson, Britney Spears, Ashton Kutcher, Hillary Clinton, Kim Kardashian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kanye West, Mitt Romney, and Tiger Woods.

The FBI has reportedly been investigating the hackers but no arrests have been made till now.


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