Are good-looking people likelier to get jobs?

New York: Appearances do matter sometimes – especially when looking for a job.

A new study has suggested that if you are a good-looking man, then you are more likely to get hired. On the other hand, good looks hurt women’s employment chances, reports a daily.

Researchers discovered that job applicants in Europe and Israel were increasingly asked to attach headshots of themselves in the top corner of their resumes.

To find out, they sent 5,312 resumes in pairs to 2,656 advertised job openings.

In each pair, one resume had no photo while the second contained a picture of either an attractive or a plain looking male or female.

The researchers found that attractive men used to get more callbacks from their employers compared to the men with no picture and to plain-looking men.

On the other hand, attractive women do not enjoy the same beauty premium. In fact, women with no picture have a significantly higher rate of callbacks than attractive or plain-looking women.

The female jealousy of attractive women in the workplace is a primary reason for the punishment of attractive women, according to the study.

Previous research, however, has found that good-looking female workers received higher raises than their plain or ugly counterparts.


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