Arnie’s mum was worried over naked pics of bodybuilders in room

New York: Arnold Schwarzenegger has said that one of the most awkward obstacles to his teenage dream of becoming a bodybuilder was his mother’s concern about the bodybuilding posters on his wall.

“My mother was always worried because she saw the pictures on my bedroom wall of naked men oiled up,” the New York Daily News quoted him as telling TV critics in Beverly Hills, where he was helping to promote ESPN’s new ‘30 for 30 Shorts’ film series.

“So she called the house doctor and said, ‘Is there something wrong? Is my son turning south here? All his friends have girls on the wall and he has only men oiled up with little briefs on’,” he said.

Schwarzenegger’s obsessive pursuit of bodybuilding is the subject of a short film by Michael Zimbalist.

He talked about how he became determined to become a champion even though bodybuilding was not a sport anyone in Austria knew or cared much about.

“My father thought that I was overdoing it. He told me, ‘You gotta be useful, and building your body, you’re just building it for yourself, but you’re not really doing anything. Why don’t you go out and chop wood and shovel coal or do something that you can be useful?’” he said.


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