Ashamed to have left Mark Blanco dying: Pete Doherty

London: Singer Pete Doherty says he felt ashamed and sick after watching CCTV footage showing him running from the flat while an actor lay dying in 2006. The 33-year-old says his actions look dodgy but he fled the east London flat because he was in possession of drugs, a leading daily has reported.

"The pressure they put on me was completely minimal. They kind of said, off-tape, `Pete, we`re sorry about this, right, but the family are convinced that their son was murdered`. I can understand it and it does look dodgy. How ashamed do you think I am that I stepped over the body and legged it down the street?” he said.

The footage shows actor Mark Blanco leaving Doherty`s flat. The rocker had the actor thrown out for pestering him to attend a play he was appearing in at a nearby pub. Seconds later, Blanco is seen plunging head-first, seemingly unconscious, from a first-floor balcony. As he lay grievously injured beside a lamppost, Doherty ran past his body. The actor died the next day.