Bad blood between Salman, Shah Rukh again?

Zee Media Bureau/Anindita Dev

New Delhi: In another row of controversy between the two superstars, temperature is likely to soar again.

Reports of the on-off rivalry between Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have been going on since decades. Although, in 2013, they hugged each other at an Ifthar Party of Baba Siddique during Eid and at an award show. It looked like they had decided to bury the hatchet. But things have barely been back to normal, when SRK made a jibe at Salman`s `Jai Ho`.

Apparently he ridiculed it on a stage show when Kunal Kohli remarked that `Jai ho` was the last movie he watched. Reports said, that King Khan waved it off saying that that was no accounting for taste.

It looked like it was a mockery of Salman, and since things have already soured, it`s highly unlikely that the two would be reconciling any time soon. The reports have also miffed Salman`s fans for obvious reasons.

Talk of the town also is that Shah Rukh may replace Salman as the next host of `Big Boss`, after Salman denied to host it in the seasons ahead.

The fans of both the Khans have been looking forward to gleams of reconciliation, but things have only gone from bad to worse. The duo has been at the centre of controversial statements and rumours of bad blood between the two mega-stars have been doing the rounds and only increasing.

Well, it`s really sad that relation between once a time best friends has completely gone sour.