Brit owners feed their dogs takeaways!

London: A UK survey has revealed that the dogs` dinners are going gourmet as owners tend to feed them takeaways regularly.

According to a Petplan study, eight out of 10 Brit owners feed their pets anything from spaghetti hoops and ice cream to lobster thermidor, duck breast, veal scallopini and after-dinner mints.

Half of all owners admitted giving their pets takeaways with fish and chips, curries and Chinese meals topping the menu.

The latest trend in left-overs may also explain why pets are becoming victims of an obesity epidemic similar to that facing humans.

Mike Hewitt, Petplan Vet of the Year said that many foods that humans love could kill pets.

"A wide variety of common foods such as chocolate, onions and even grapes and raisins have been identified as causing problems and even fatalities in some dogs. Excessive variation in diet can also lead to digestive upset and severe pancreatitis," the Daily Express quoted him as saying.


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