Check out the ‘most annoying passenger’ hate-list

Melbourne: Do you forget to carry a pen when you fly? Do you secretly text away on your smartphone despite repeated requests to switch it off?

If yes, you just earned yourself a place in the flight attendant’s ‘most annoying passenger’ hate-list.

Flight attendant Sara Keagle has been up in the air for over 20 years and has compiled a list of the things that have tried her and her colleagues’ patience on more than one occasion, reports

Common courtesy is her number one pet peeve and something many passengers seem to lack.

“Just a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ goes a long way in our world,” she writes.

“We hear ‘what ya got’ and ‘gimme a Coke’ far too often.”

Then there’s the innocent, but irritating inquisitive geographer.

“Flight attendants don’t know our exact location coordinates, especially in the middle of in-flight service. And chances are we don’t know what body of water that is below us either,” Ms Keagle says.

She says passengers who forget to take a pen are especially annoying, because despite flight attendants always having a pen on them (Federal Aviation Administration rules state they must), no matter how hard you glare, they can’t actually lend it to you.

Then there are those who have to be asked 10 times to switch off their smartphone before takeoff.

People with little control over their bladders are also up there among the most maddening passengers.

“They need a drink of water as soon as they board the plane and need to use the lav just as urgently,” writes Ms Keagle. Look out Gerard Depardieu!

Then there are those passengers, who seem to think its ok to hand everything to flight attendants, from dirty nappies to snotty tissues.

Self-absorbed headphone wearers, parents letting their children run wild and bare-footed toilet goers are all up there among the most irksome travellers.