Christopher Walken hates flying

Los Angeles: Actor Christopher Walken is so scared of flying that he chose to skip the London premiere of his latest film ‘Seven Psychopaths’.

The 69-year-old was supposed to join the other cast members for the screening, but he had to cancel his plan due to his nervousness vis-a-vis flying, reports a website.

"I don`t like flying at the best of times. And as I get older, I like it less and less," Walken told a magazine.

He also admits that he avoids driving and is often plagued by irrational fears during trips abroad.

Walken said: "I don`t much like driving either. I prefer to be driven. And, when I`m in London, I don`t even like walking on the street... When we`re over there, I always say to my wife, `Stay in the hotel. Don`t go out there. It`s too dangerous.`"