Cleavage at work might cost you a raise!

London: If you thought dressing provocatively could get you a raise, you would be wrong.

A survey commissioned by Dragon’s Den tycoon Peter Jones revealed that 50 percent of Britain’s bosses admit they have denied someone a promotion or a pay rise because they looked scruffy.

And women who showed too much cleavage in the workplace were also unlikely to make a good impression.

One manager in five has fired a worker for being “inappropriately” dressed and would reject someone who didn’t look smart at an interview.

Wearing trainers or flip-flops in the office was among the biggest blunders, as was wearing an un-ironed shirt, the survey found.

“I know from all my years in business that if people look smarter, they feel the part and they achieve more – both in terms of productivity and career progression,” the Daily Express quoted Jones as saying.