Cleavage revealing blouses not for office

New York: Experts have said that short skirts, cleavage-revealing blouses and skin-tight slacks are not appropriate attires for office parties.

And even though sparkly sweaters are okay, office parties are not the place to bare arms.

“They’re never appropriate at an office party,” the New York Daily News quoted Lisa Richey, president of the American Academy of Etiquette, as saying.

“The office party is not the time or place to be sexy, and dressing in the wrong type of outfit can inhibit your personal brand,” she said.

She said that boundaries between bosses and subordinates still exists whether at work or in a bar, and holiday party wear is no different from work wear.

Allison Deyette, style expert for, suggested changing out of the office top and putting on a silk or satin blouse, something with a little shine.

“Add a sparkly sweater, but if you are wearing a blouse or sweater that’s shiny, bold or sparkly, don’t make your heels into a standout accessory,” she said.

She said instead of stilettos, wear lower heels and avoid shiny fabrics in shoes, and also try not to get noticed by wearing something revealing.

“You can be noticed wearing a great outfit without showing off a lot of skin,” she said.

“Remember that you’re making an impression, and just because it’s the office party doesn’t mean you should change your reputation in one night,” she added.