Clive Owen appreciates success

London: Actor Clive Owen appreciates all the success he has been able to achieve in his career.

The 49-year-old actor, who shot to fames in the 1990s in TV series `Chancer` before moving into Hollywood films, said this has made him more appreciative of all the accolades that have come his way, suggest reports.

Asked how his life has changed, `The Last Knights` actor said, "I`ve got more money. I come from a very, very working-class background. I spent my childhood not having money and that was a constant burden.
"I`m fortunate now to have considerably more now than I used to, but I`ll never forget where I come from because there is a huge number of people in the world who are stressed about money and I don`t want to forget that I used to be one of them."
The `Children of Men` actor said that although it took till his mid-30s to find widespread adulation, he was happy working on low-budget productions.
"OK, I wasn`t making the movies I`m making now, but I was doing what I considered to be very good TV, theatre and small movies. It might appear now that I was out in the wilderness, but I was enjoying my career."

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