Driving on expressways needs to be taught: Big B

Mumbai: Megastar Amitabh Bachchan is alarmed by the upsurge in road accidents and says that the drivers need to be trained how to drive on expressways.

Amitabh got concerned after 27 people were killed on Mumbai-Pune Expressway Monday. He says that most countries have separate tests for highway driving, in particular US.

"I know because I have done it. Freeway driving is different. Driving on freeways needs to be taught to motorists at time of issuing license ... I am often shocked to see basic rules being broken," he tweeted.

He also said he is okay about doing a campaign, "I have spoken often to volunteer to do campaigns for the police force, but none came forward ... even suggested I would fund them..."

"Teach and test the motorist yes, but also equip the Police with facility and equipment to be able to catch the offender. We have Maruti Jeeps to compete with those that commit crime on sophisticated machines... Italian Highway Patrols have Lamborghinis," he added.

Big B also shared his concern over road accidents with the state government through a letter.

"Wrote about traffic in Mumbai and on saving farmers in Vidarbha ...State level Ministers write in and wish to take this forward. Response from Government of Maharashtra most appreciated...I shall be more than willing to perform on my commitment," the 69-year-old tweeted.


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