Dukan diet tops list of world’s worst weight loss plans

London: The trendy Dukan diet followed by the Duchess of Cambridge’s mother, Carole Middleton, has been slammed as “utterly ineffective and with no scientific basis”.

According to experts from the British Dietetic Association, the Dukan diet is “confusing, rigid and ineffective”, and is the worst celebrity weight loss plan to follow.

The diet, which is also said to be followed by Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bundchen, is a complicated four-phase diet that starts with a protein-only approach, which promotes weight loss of around 7lb per week.

The diet, which topped the BDA’s annual list of the five worst celebrity diets to avoid in the New Year, involves eating a very low calorie (VLC) diet during the day or week diet and then “saving” all the calories not eaten to binge drink alcohol.

“This diet is so confusing, very rigid, full of very French foods that most Brits would run a mile from like rabbit and offal, and even Dr Dukan himself warns of the associated problems like lack of energy, constipation and bad breath.,” the Daily Mail quoted the BDA as saying.

The BDA receives hundreds of calls every year on the subject of diets and analysed results to form a list of the most unreliable, difficult to follow or unhealthy diet plans.

BDA’s five worst diets were

Dukan diet

Alcorexia diet (very low calories, calorie saving, alcohol binges)

Blood group diet

Raw food diet

Baby food diet


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