Endless status updates on Facebook indicate ‘narcissism’

Melbourne: If you are obsessed with your status updates and picture uploads on Facebook, you are probable an online narcissist, says a new research.

Researchers at Canada`s York University said that this obsessive updating on Facebook is related to egotism and low self-esteem.

"They probably show that narcissist trait offline as well, but online, they update a lot and always write about where they are or who they`re with," News.com.au quoted Australian Facebook researcher Julian Cole as saying.

However, social networking commentator Laurel Papworth said this was not true.

"I would expect that to be true of a broadcast site like YouTube or MySpace, but Facebook is where you communicate with your inner circle of friends and it mimics your everyday behaviour," Papworth said.

Instead, users were "trying to show that they feel loved by friends writing comments back," she added.


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