Funnyman Jack Black is a curry fan

London: Hollywood funnyman Jack Black is enjoying his Christmas holidays in the UK, gorging on his favourite curries.

The star who shot his upcoming movie `Gulliver`s Travels` in London, says that he loves the calorie-ridden Indian sauce, reported Sun online.

"I love the food. I love the curries. They have better curries here. I am a sauce man by nature," said the `School of Rock` star.

The 41-year-old who has two sons with wife Tanya Haden claimed that he had lost weight while filming the 3D movie due to amount of stairs in his lavish bungalow.

"The houses here have a lot of floors. So I have got a lot of exercise. My boots are like powerful pistons. We are having a great time in Britain. They have great parks here, we have been exploring," said Black.

However, the actor wants to lose some more and his New Year`s resolution is to shed 50 pounds.