Harry Styles unveils skull tattoo

Los Angeles: One Direction star Harry Styles showed off a new skull tattoo on his upper left arm during the band`s `Take Me Home` world tour in Australia.

The 19-year-old`s inking, which features a skull in a hat with a red rim, is located on his upper left arm, adjacent to his earlier tattoo of a ship and just above his tattoo of two hands shaking. He posted the pic on Twitter.

In September, Styles added yet another inking to his left arm - a rose - from his regular tattoo artist, Los Angeles-based Freddy Negrete.

Negrete was devastated that the star didn`t come to him to get his new tattoo done.

"Harry said he would be back. I did his first tattoo and a lot of them since, until the big one when he was here with Taylor Swift last year. I don`t know why he`s gone somewhere else now. I didn`t do the rose. He didn`t even get it here at the parlour. I don`t know who did it," he said.