Hiking inspires Hilary Swank

London: Oscar-winning actress Hilary Swank gets inspired whenever she goes hiking with her dogs as she has nothing else to think about then.

The `Million Dollar Baby` often goes climbing in the Hollywood Hills with her dogs which helps her to have a clear mind and come up with good ideas, a magazine reported.

"When I climb, I sometimes get good ideas. I`m not supposed to be doing anything else, so things pop up. It`s interesting," said the 36-year-old actress.

Swank, who grew up in a trailer park says she is determined to succeed in whatever she does and isn`t afraid to make risky choices.

"I think you can change your fate. Everyone, every day, can make a choice in how they want to live their life. I`m all about making choices," she said.

Swank also insisted that her upbringing played a very vital role which made her to appreciate the good things in life and not let the bad times bring her down.

"You hear people say, `Oh, I didn`t get that bonus,` or, `I got fired.` And look, I`ve experienced not getting that bonus and I`ve gotten fired. I feel it and say, `That sucks.` I get depressed. I cry. I have feelings. I don`t gloss over them. But then, after that, I pick myself up, brush myself off and say,` Why did this happen? What am I supposed to learn?`," she added.


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