Hindu blessings for royal couple

Updated: Apr 28, 2011, 19:35 PM IST

London: Anil Bhanot, the founding member of UK Hindu Council invited to the royal wedding tomorrow as a representative of Britain`s Hindu community, will present a small marble plaque with traditional Hindu blessings to the couple.

Looking forward to the event, Bhanot today said: "I was absolutely delighted and honoured when the invitation dropped onto my doormat. The Hindu community loves the royal family and my wife and I are very much looking forward to William and Kate`s wedding."

"We will be giving the couple a small marble plaque we`ve had made by Amrit Bhamra of Windsor, featuring the two of them with a cherub throwing flowers over them from the heavens, and the inscription: ?May the Celestials shower blessings on you always.`

"Who knows ? perhaps it will bring them enough happiness that they will be able to be together as a couple according to traditional Hindu belief; as we believe in reincarnation we say marriage is for seven lifetimes!"

Bhanot, who was awarded his OBE for services to the Hindu Community, has chosen to wear a morning suit to the wedding, rather than traditional Indian dress.

Other religious leaders invited to the royal wedding include Natubhai Shah, President of the Jain Academy; Indarjit Singh, Director of the Network Sikh Organisations (UK); Imam Mohammad Raz;, the Chief Rabbi (Lord Sacks); Bogoda Seelawimala, Acting Head Monk of the London Buddhist Vihara; and Maulana Syed Raza Shabbarm of the Muhammadi Trust.