I am too old to be an action man: Liam Neeson

London: Hollywood star Liam Neeson says he finds it odd to have landed a string of action roles at this stage in his life.

The 61-year-old actor thinks he should have been doing these high-energy roles in his 30s, reported Daily Express.

Neeson, who has starred in `The A-Team`, `Clash Of The Titans` and the acclaimed `Taken` series, reported Daily Express.

"I am almost embarrassed to be getting all these action scripts now for the kind of work I should probably have been having in my 30s," Neeson said.

"It is exhausting! Maybe I should do a light comedy next," he added.

It all may seem worth it as Neeson can reportedly look forward to a 13 million pounds payday for revisiting his role as former CIA hardman Bryan Mills in `Taken 3`.