I wish I`d had help dealing with fame: Kate Winslet

PTI| Updated: Apr 08, 2014, 09:06 AM IST

London: `Titanic` star Kate Winslet wishes she had been given more support to help her cope with the pressures of early fame.

The Oscar-winning actress said her experience of Hollywood had been `one shock after another`.

`It isn`t easy going through that level of exposure so quickly. `What I do wish is that I had had more support going through those early days. It`s genuinely difficult.

"I was living in my lovely little two-bedroom flat in north London... And suddenly I couldn`t just walk down the street and buy a pint of milk," she said.

Winslet made her breakthrough film debut - aged 17 - in 1994`s `Heavenly Creatures`. After roles in `Sense and Sensibility`, `Jude and Hamlet`, she shot to global stardom in James Cameron`s 1997 disaster epic `Titanic`.

The 38-year-old actress` latest film role sees her playing the villain Jeanine Matthews in dystopian sci-fi film `Divergent`.
Set in futuristic Chicago, the story imagines a society divided into five factions.