Indians, Chinese rate their bosses the best: Study

New York: A new study has revealed that Indians and Chinese managers are rated the best amongst their employees.

The survey conducted by the Kenexa Research Institute, a unit of Kenexa Corp, revealed that only 35 percent of employees in Japan rated their company`s senior management highly on a set of five attributes—such as their commitment to high-quality products and their people management skills.

"In Japan, there used to be a sense that ``We can do anything,” the Wall Street Journal quoted Columbia Business School management professor Michael Morris, as saying.

"Now, the pessimism is unbelievable," he added.

The highest-rated leaders were in India and China, where more than 70 percent of employees believed their senior managers were effective.

"It``s in part just reflected glory. The high-growth economies of China and India have given employees there confidence in their leaders," said Jack Wiley, executive director of the Kenexa Research Institute.

Employees at rapidly growing companies in China and India also have a strong sense of upward mobility, which boosts their perception of their bosses, he said.

Globally, 55 percent of employees rated their senior managers highly, and in the U.S., 56 percent of employees did.


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