James McAvoy to quit doing stunts himself

PTI| Updated: Mar 08, 2014, 13:19 PM IST

London: Scottish actor James McAvoy has vowed to quit shooting daredevil scenes and employ a stunt double after repeatedly injuring himself on set.

The `Atonement` actor is considering to give up performing his risky stunts himself, after hurting his knee in an airplane scene on the set of `X-Men: Days of Future Past`.

The 34-year-old actor says, "I cracked my knee quite badly on the third take but that was just my own fault. The plane wasn`t even throwing me around. I just tripped over a camera. I`m going to be limping for a week.

"The first time they did it, they said, `Do you want to rehearse?` I said, `No, let`s just do it and see where it throws me`. I`m quite bendy, quite bouncy, I usually land well."