Jason Segel quits Twitter

Los Angeles: Actor Jason Segel has quit Twitter after inviting the wrath of his followers when he chose to tweet - "Sandwiches are more diverse than burritos".

The 34-year-old actor didn`t use his account on the social media for over two days after the same, reportedly.

Speaking on `The David Letterman Show`, he said: "It was 2 a.m. and I was hungry so I went to my kitchen and I had a choice between a burrito and a sandwich. I chose to make a sandwich; it was delightful."

"So I innocently tweeted, `Sandwiches are more diverse than burritos.` For the next day and a half, there was a firestorm of debate. `You`re an idiot, you don`t know about burritos.` And I said `I do know about burritos and if they get too diverse, they`re a wrap.`"

When the situation cooled down, the actor posted a photograph of himself holding a burrito and wrote: "Ok. Burrito lovers. I made a giant delicious burrito. Get off my back. It`s still not as good as a sandwich. Sorry."

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