Justin Bieber`s freedom in peril?

Los Angeles: Pop star Justin Bieber, currently on a two-year probation for pelting a neighbour`s home with eggs, will reportedly end up facing probation violation charges.

This is so because police have responded to complaints at his Beverly Hills condo six times over the weekend and his freedom is literally on the line, reports a website.

The officials received four separate complaints for loud music and partying on the roof top Saturday night and they sent patrol cars each time. Bieber was not cited because he agreed to turn the music down.

There were two other incidents involving disturbances with fans and paparazzi.

According to officials, if the Beverly Hills Police Department cites Bieber, they will forward the matter to the Los Angeles County Probation Department, which could trigger a probation violation and then he may land in jail.

Over the last month, the police have responded to numerous incidents involving Bieber at the condo related to noise and weed.

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