Justin Bieber went through tough times

Los Angeles: Singer Justin Bieber`s mother Pattie Mallette says they weren`t financially sound earlier and at one stage of their lives, they couldn`t afford eating out luxuriously.

"We`d go out for dinner, but we could only do it if we split something to eat and ordered water," a magazine has quoted Mallette as saying.

However, now the 18-year-old has become a teen sensation and takes care of the bills when they go out to dine together.

"Now, when we go out to dinner Justin says, `Don`t worry Mom, I`ve got the cheque`," she said.

"Watching him every day, I`m so inspired, I`m in awe," Mallette added.

Bieber was born and brought in London, by his mother single-handedly. His father Jeremy Jack Bieber married another woman.


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