Lawyers and accountants have the dirtiest desks

London: A recent study has revealed that lawyers and accountants have the dirtiest desks in the UK.

The study, conducted by office supplies firm Viking in hundreds of offices across the country, found out poor levels of hygiene and declared lawyers, accountants and computer workers as amongst the most unhygienic office workers in the country while social workers were more likely to have mouldy food on their desks.

‘Dirty office desks are harbouring germs which can quickly spread among staff as firms are braced for an outbreak of sickness absence through colds and flu,’ the report said.

“This research has shown that there are some very unhygienic desks right now in the UK, which is very worrying as those who work in open-plan offices tend to start coming down with illnesses this time of year,” the Telegraph quoted Dr Lisa Ackerley, a chartered environmental health practitioner, as saying.