Lethal ‘stiletto nails’ – the latest rage

New York: They can wow you or they can kill you – stiletto nails are the latest rage in town.

Long, tapered and sharpened to triangular tip, these talons are becoming increasingly popular with musicians like Fergie and Rihanna, models and downtown party girls.

"It’s a very dramatic. "It’s definitely a hot look. Not for the conservative or for the office," The New York Daily News quoted Irene Nahon, owner of the FiFi Nail Salon in midtown Manhattan, as saying.

You can choose your polish or add jewels and pick any kind of wrap you like. Once the nail is set with UV gel and wrapped, your talons are permanent.

Of course, nothing beautiful comes without pain.

"People have to be careful. You can really poke yourself in the eye. I’ve seen it a lot more times than you would think," said Jamie Ahn, owner of Acqua Beauty Bar and Townhouse Spa in Manhattan.

"Men don’t seem to like the look much either," she added.